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Driven by a zealous passion for the craft, owner of Ryley Jewellery Creationsβ„’ and multi-award-winning jewellery designer, Ewen Ryley offers exquisitely hand crafted bespoke jewellery, creating original pieces with an eloquent eye for detail and commitment to quality. These creations often use unique exotic gemstones, brilliantly fiery Australian opals, South Sea pearls and even rare and impressive Argyle coloured diamonds. Based in Toowoomba, Queensland, Ryley also offers vintage jewellery restoration and routine maintenance and repairs and has an impressive collection of men's jewellery including Tredzβ„’ - for the fast and furious enthusiast, stylish and timeless Japanese metalworking technique Mokume-Gane and personalised FingerPrints. 




All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling.

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Ewens journey to become a jeweller started in the year 2000 when his Nanna took him on a trip to visit his uncle in the small township of Cooktown. Ewen’s uncle had a strong passion for fossicking and gathering together the historical remnants of the local area. His uncle took him on numerous adventures where Ewen dug up age old artefacts and rock crystals which ignited his passion for gemstones. 


Our no obligation quote process allows you to view what the creation will look like in real life. We can also arrange a 3 dimensional image that is generated by a sophisticated jewellery design program. 

All creations come with a complimentary clean and inspection service for life and are also backed by a *lifetime warranty. See our services page for more info.

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This stunning work of art was finalist in the JAA 2012 Jewellery Design Awards and we are thrilled to announce that it recently sold to a private buyer in Melbourne! See the manufacturing process here...




1st Place Best Overall Design
Runner Up Apprentice of the Year


1st Place Object D'Art Category


Finalist Coloured Gemstones Category

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Absolutely fantastic. I only had a rough but fairly intricate idea for an engagement ring but Ewen was about it turn it into a beautifully hand-crafted original ring. He really knew what he was talking about and was a great help picking out a gemstone.
10/10 I’d definitely recommend for anyone wanting an original handmade ring and will definitely go back to have our wedding rings made.
— Alexander Abdul Rahman - July '17
We had all our wedding jewellery custom designed and created at Ryley Jewellery Creations. Right from the beginning Ewen was a great source of inspiration and guidance for the designs we wanted to achieve. We ended up with the most beautiful and elegant wedding jewellery, even better than we had originally hoped for. We truly recommend Ewen and his team.
— Georgia & Callum Soutar
Ewen was able to take my descriptions and wishes to create a beautiful and unique piece to celebrate my wife’s birthday and our first child being born into a reality. The results exceeded expectations and Ewen was able to apply his creativity to the ring that would never have been possible if it was left to me! From the handmade quality to thoughtful ideas like including our sons birthstone - it is easy to see he loves what he does.
— Steve Beckett - May '17
Ewen is so great to work with! His work is top notch. We couldn’t be happier with the product he has created for us! We really look forward to creating more pieces to last a lifetime in the near future!
— Elizabeth Laura Isaac - JUNE '17

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The Man + His Style


mokume - gane

Mokume-gane is a mixed-metal laminate with distinctive layered patterns and translates closely to "wood grain metal". First made in 17th-century Japan, the mixed-metal was used only for sword fittings. After the diffusion of layers, the surface of the billet is cut with assorted drill bits to expose lower layers, then flattened. This process of cut and flatten will be repeated to develop an intricate  and unique pattern. 


finger prints

At Ryley Jewellery Creations we can capture a fingerprint and brand it upon almost any precious metal creation. 
Carry close to you; your dearest loved one's very own fingerprint. A truly timeless, unique, intimate and individual momento.
An ideal custom wedding band for passionate, devoted  lovers.


FINGER treads

You live and breathe to be in control. You crave the object that hauls itself on all forms of terrain. It’s on your soul, on your veins, on your mind and it's on your body. FingerTreads is.... you. Ryley Jewellery Creations can design and supply rings with custom tyre treads including: Push bikes, Mountain Bikes and Racers, Sports, Cruiser and Off Road MotorBikes, Road, Performance and 4x4 vehicles.



Titanium was discovered in 1791, and named for the Titans of Greek mythology. Titanium rings offer several unique properties: they are hypoallergenic, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and have the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. Our Titanium range is available in numerous colour combinations, finishes and detailing such as carbon fibre and gem set options.



Roughly ten times harder than 18k gold and four times harder than Titanium, Tungsten-steel alloys are used to make such things as high speed cutting tools and rocket engine nozzles. Tungsten steel rings offer non-scratch, no-tarnish properties with a long-lasting shine. Available in numerous colour combinations, finishes and detailing such as carbon fibre and timber inlays.


black diamonds

Like most coloured diamonds, natural black diamonds are extremely rare. They are technically real diamonds filled with dark inclusions like graphite. As they are so rare, almost all black diamonds used in jewellery have been treated from low quality white diamonds. The treatment process doesn’t affect durability, which makes them a great choice to dress down or up any item of jewellery.