Ryley JC Turns 4 Today! And a deep and meaningful....

Hip hip hooray!! We turn 4 today!!

We are very proud to have made it as far as what we have. A very high majority of businesses cease operating after 1 year let alone 4! But I won't lie, it has been a very hard slog. Both emotionally and physically. I have worked some ridiculous hours (sometimes sleeping in my swag overnight in the workshop) just to keep our deadlines within a comfortable time-frame. Just like any business owner, the work doesn't stop when I get home. After the night time routine is done and dusted, I pull out my laptop and catch up on quotes and paperwork long into the night.

Ryley Family

The hardest thing about all this has been trying to achieve a good work life balance. I have a beautiful wife and two happy young children (now 4.5 and 2.5 years old) and they are my number one passion and my number one drive. 

Diamond Pressure

All these pressures and the constant fight within myself to be the perfect dad, husband, business owner, jeweller and designer have led me to develop some mental health issues including anxiety. I have been at a constant state of near burnout for a very long time. So I have decided to close the studio at 1pm on Mondays in order to have a quiet afternoon at home afternoon catching up on quotes which will allow me to have more downtime in the evenings. We will also be making some other announcements early 2018 that will change the way Ryley JC will conduct its business moving forward (But don't worry, these announcements are very exciting!)

NOTE: Don't be afraid to speak up if you have a mental health issue. One of my very close friends lost someone to a mental health issue recently and it really did strike home about the importance of seeking help when you feel there is no escape. If you or you know of someone with a mental health issue there are many great services to help you or your friend in their journey.  www.mindaustralia.org.au www.lifeline.org.au Just to name a few.

Thank you

I just wanted to thank to all of my wonderful clients for your support over the last four years. I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with quite a few of you which is something I could never of hoped for. Thank you for choosing a local family business to create you masterpieces and I look forward to the future knowing that I have your support.