Creating a Lifetime of Memories

Every now and then when I create a piece of jewellery I sit back and think "Wow! I actually made that with my bare hands. I turned that lump of gold and pile of stones into something somebody will cherish for a lifetime".

I try and relate to any piece of jewellery I create but some I relate to more then others. This particular one really struct home with me as my client is a young business owner like myself and also has a young family. We discussed different manufacturing processes and he was set on getting something handmade for his wife as gift and something which would last her a lifetime. These sorts of jobs are a dream for me. Working with somebody who appreciates quality and the craft, somebody who loves colour and somebody who is willing to give me some creative freedom throughout the process.

I sourced a Ceylon Sapphire (which the client had his heart set on) and I also suggested we added in some Peridots which was the birthstone of their recently born son. This added a really personal touch to the piece and will add to the pieces sentimentality within the family. Diamonds where added to complete the piece and give it some extra sparkle. All up it took around 30 hours to create and it was a plesure to craft to start to fininsh.