New Kid On The Block

For many years now, Diamonds have been viewed and marketed as the “IT” stone for Engagement Rings. Today we’ve decided to let you all in on the greatest industry secret and self-proclaimed new kid on the block; the Sapphire. Although not ‘new’ by definition - Sapphire’s are a highly underrated stone that are yet to establish the same momentum as the Diamond.

So, what is so good about the Sapphire, you ask?

Other then being one of the most diverse coloured gemstones, the Sapphire which has a “Corundum” structure, is exceptionally durable second only to the Diamond.

In terms of colour diversity there’s not a colour you can’t usually find a Sapphire coming in.

We’ve picked a few of our favourite colours, to give you an idea of range. All images are courtesy of John Dyer.

A Sapphire of fine quality without treatment is in fact also considered to be rarer then a Diamond.

In respect to price, Sapphires are considerably more affordable then Diamonds, and although won’t have quite the same sparkle they are still highly comparable.

Here at Ryley Jewellery Creations, we specialise in creating engagement rings that feature stunning coloured gemstones. Our personal favourite is easily the Sapphire and we’ve provided a few sapphire pieces we’ve made in the past below.

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Ewen Ryley